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Testing of an 8 router network

Once I had connected all routers I logged into the router to view the network topology. Here is what the page looked like.

Notes: All speeds were measured in kilobytes, using a single client at a time. In this case, the speed of my WAN connection is a consistent 500 Kilobytes, so anything less than that is overhead from the OLSR mesh protocol (self awareness comes at a price), wireless interference and the hops from router to router. In my opinion, the hops are the most significant factor in calculating overhead.

Wireless Coverage & Topology

Bldg18 coverage.png

Wireless Speed & Signal Strength

Bldg18 speed.png

Testing of a 4 router network

Home network diagram wirele.png

Captive Portal Overview

Captive-portal transparent.png

Captive Portal Laptop Authentication

Both of the above networks are using the captive portal.

I turn on my laptop and connect to the wireless network. Once connected, I open a web browser. I am redirected to this page: Picture1.png

I put in my username and password.


I am authenticated against the radius server. The radius server notifies the chillispot process (running on the local router) that I am approved to use the network.


I'm fully online and able to connnect on all ports protocals. If I am idle for 5 minutes the connection will reset and I'll have to put in my username and password again.