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Now is the time to plug your internet connection (via an ethernet cable) into the port on the back labeled "internet".

You should have already uploaded your new freifunk firmware.

Your computer should be plugged one of the 4 LAN ports on the back (they are labeled 1,2,3,4).

Go to the IP address of your LAN interface. For router A this would be The list is available on the configure page.

You should see web page like this:

Web interface1.gif

Click 'admin' at the top. When prompted use the username: root and password: <the one you chose in the last step>

Web interface8.gif

We need to add a couple packages that are missing from the default freifunk firmware.

To do this go to Software 2.

Click Update List

Web interface9.gif

The router should complete the update.

If it doesn't then there is a problem with your internet connection. Double check that the connection is active and make sure that you have followed the configure instructions correctly.

Once the update is complete, click 'back'.

Web interface10.gif

There should be a long list of packages. Keep in mind they are not necessarily in alphabetical order.

Search for the package named Nas. You can search manually or use your web browser's search capabilities.

Click the 'install' button next to Nas.

Nas should install completely.

Once done, click 'back'.

Web interface11.gif

You should be back at the long list of packages. Find chillispot and click 'install'.

Chillispot should install completely.

Once done, go to restart.

Web interface7.gif

Select Normal Restart.

Now you can continue with setup instructions.