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For assistance please edit this page and append your question below. Include information about your setup and problems that you are having.

You can also email the site administrator at

If you're having trouble with your chillispot captive portal check out troubleshooting.

Most helpful information can be gathered by using ssh and the commands here.

Helpful information includes:

  • Current processes running on the router ps -ef
  • The contents of your chilli.conf file cat /etc/chilli.conf
  • The contents of your chilli startup script cat /etc/init.d/S80chilli or cat /etc/init.d/chilli
  • Any errors that you receive when running /usr/bin/chilli
  • Your system log, (put your router's address into your web browser and click status -> system log)

This site has been very useful to me to understand meshing. However, your diagrams seem to show that the linksys router can participate into forming the mesh as well as connect wirelessly to client PC/laptop. Can you please explain how this can be achieved and how that works? I believe that since the wireless link is utilised for the mesh network it shall not be available to connect wirelessly to the client laptop. Please clarify as I am very confused. I can also be reached on my email at Thank you. Regards. Peerthy

Peerthy, The point of a wireless mesh is to extend the area by which a client PC/laptop could connect. The wireless mesh links are not dedicated links, they are just SOME of the traffic which goes between the routers. This traffic is defined by the OLSR protocol and implemented within the freifunk firmware. This protocal determines things like which router is the gateway to the internet, what route to take to get to that gateway, and which routers are able to communicate with eachother. In this way, the network is very dynamic- there can be multiple gateways and multiple routes. This protocol uses some of the bandwidth, but there is still plenty leftover for client PC's. Thanks for your interest in the site,