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You need the ability to add and remove users from your wireless network.

When users connect or your network, they will open a web browser and put in their username and password. allows you to setup an account where you can manage your users.

Here is a simple diagram to show how it all fits together:

Captive-portal transparent.png

Next, go to to setup an account.


Click 'register' to setup an account. Make sure you give a valid email address.

Check your email for the message from worldspot. Open the message to validate your account.

Log in with your new account.


Click 'create new hotspot'

Any name is fine, it makes no difference.

Once you've given a name, click 'manage access profiles'


Uncheck the box 'offer this access for free'. Don't worry, you're still going to offer access for free.

Click 'create', then click 'ticket creation'


Tickets are what users use to log into your network.

Choose a username and password you will give your users to log into the network.

Go to 'ticket list'.


Here you can manage all your tickets (users).

Go to Configure Hotspot


Check boxes "users connect directly after identification" and "show minimal information on landing page".

Later on you can create a custom landing page

Go to 'Display config info'.


Write down your Shared Key, Radius NAS ID and UAM secret.

Now you can continue with setup instructions.